About the book

Olena Sibiriakova’s book reveals the inner essence of the processes taking place in the post-Soviet countries during the past decade - in politics, in society, in a personal communication. According to the author, this book is “about the election, about how to earn a million, and about the profession that doesn’t exist." The main heroine of the novel becomes a participant of a secret experiment that is being tested in Ukraine. The strongest states in the world begin to hunt behind a symbolic flash-drive G that is analternative to the Internet. Documentary facts from modern Ukrainian history are intertwined in the book with a symbolic line of the struggle for a new superweapon. Main acts of the book takes place in Kiev, but the text also contains a description of real errantry. Book’s characters are easily recognizable.


Olena Sibiriakova — PR-adviser, political technologist, founder and Managing Partner  Rost GroupFoundation for Good Politics Programs Manager. Over the past 15 years an active figure of election campaigns and of projects studding public opinion in Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan.

She also leads an active lifestyle and popular blog

Olena believes in good and innovative technologies. She also gives lectures about journalism , PR and propaganda, and in 2010 lectured in Ukrainian Research Institute , Harvard University (USA) on the peculiarities of the Ukrainian elections.

Alena Sibiryakova graduated Kiev Theater Institute named after Karpenko-Kary (1998) and Charter Institute Public Relation, (London - 2010).

Previously published book "Event’s trajectory" (2007).